the 2-hour Racing School

Learn proven race car driving techniques, and start driving faster today.

Ready to learn more ways to drive faster?

Keys to Speed now offers an online video course that will teach you professional race car driving techniques–a complete walk through–in less than two hours.

What would you do if you knew all of the strategies for turning faster laps?

This Is a Game Changer

It’s almost unfair how much faster you can become with this knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced racer. You will find new ways to shave time off your laps.

Keep reading to learn why I created this online course, and if it's right for you. We also cover a few racing tips along the way.

Drive & Practice Like the pros

The 2-Hour Racing School shows you the same approaches used by professional racers. But this streamlined explanation isn't available anywhere else.

What about practice? How can you do racing school online?

Racing champions like Max Verstappen are using simulators for unlimited practice. So we focus on sim racing for learning and practice too.

Keys to Speed courses are designed to work well with your favorite racing simulators like iRacing, Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa or Forza.

Because sims are one of the most affordable ways to get tons of seat time.

And if you don’t have a racing seat and wheel setup, the techniques you learn will still deliver surprising results.

This course is also great for series like Forza Horizon where the physics may be more forgiving, but racing techniques can still help you dominate.

Bottom line: these are professional racing techniques and they apply to any road racing situation–real or virtual.

The 2-Hour Racing School helps you get the most from your practice. These lessons apply to Forza Motorsport, Horizon or any racing simulation you enjoy.
The 2-Hour Racing School will help you practice and drive faster in your favorite sim or real-life racing events.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, my name is Anthony Curtis. I use my background in engineering and physics to help racers like you drive faster.

I've also owned sports cars for over 20 years including classics like the S2000, various Nissan Zs and many more.

Keys to Speed and my other automotive sites have helped millions of fellow gearheads.

And if there’s one part of the car scene that makes the biggest difference, it’s the person behind the wheel.

This 2-Hour Racing School is everything a racer should know for car control, track analysis and mental strategies.

It’s everything that would have avoided the frustration at my first autocross event. Everything that allows me to put up top 1% times in Forza, or drive with composure in high-powered sports cars.

Before piloting this Ferrari in real life I knew the engine personality, shift points, and handling. The experience was much calmer and smoother as a result of simulator practice.
Here's me doing a few laps in a Ferrari. Having a thorough understanding of car control, racing lines and more allowed me to drive in zen mode...despite the screaming engine behind me.

The What, How and Why

You will learn the techniques, how to practice them, and the "why" behind it all too.

For example, did you know there are 3 keys that determine a successful corner?

These are your braking efficiency, your racing line, and the resulting exit speed. And you adjust them all depending not only on the corner, but the other corners around it.

Because just 2-5 mph faster in the right parts of the track can save you seconds on your laps.

We dive deep into these topics and more in the online course.

And did you know there is a way to rank which tracks are best for different skill levels and car builds? It is something I developed specifically for Keys to Speed and is not found anywhere else.

Hint: Lime Rock is great for beginners, Laguna Seca will take a certain type of build, and Yas Marina is more advanced that it seems.

Knowing this information will help you choose a car and track for more productive practice.

Why This Approach Is Different

The 2-Hour Racing School is possible because there is no fluff. It is pure race car driving content explained clearly and easily.

It’s the closest thing I have to downloading the information to your brain like Neo in the Matrix.

Once you finish the lectures you can use the drills and cheat sheets to practice as much as you want.

Are you ready to be the one that everyone is trying to catch on the track?

Leave Slow Lap Times Behind

Say goodbye to consistently missing your lap time targets, or getting passed without knowing why.

This material isn't easy to find, let alone in one place. It took me years and years. But you found it. It's waiting for you right here.

Any frustrations you had or plateaus you hit can fade into the rearview mirror.

You will have the foundation you need to make rapid lap time improvements. And you’ll have the mindset and techniques to continue improving over a lifetime.

Ready to Start?

This is an opportunity to become a better racer in much less time.

Join the 2-Hour Racing School now for only $19.99

That price is not a typo.

This is a new, streamlined version of the original Keys to Speed program designed to be faster and even more affordable.


The 2-Hour
Racing School

Course Overview

Access racing school material from your device and practice on your favorite racing game or simulator.

7 Sections

The 2-Hour Racing School has 7 main parts. It covers the same techniques used by professional racers but explained in new and simpler ways:

  1. The Racer’s Mindset
  2. Understanding Corners
  3. Better Braking
  4. Shifting for Speed
  5. Getting Maximum Acceleration
  6. Passing Like a Pro
  7. Track Analysis
The Keys to Speed makes timeless racing advice easier to understand. The videos are short so you can find the time to jump on for a quick lesson. No excuses! You will become faster.

Instant Access

You’ll have access to all videos as soon as you start. You can binge watch them in one 2-hour session and/or watch them at your own pace.

After each section, you will find more advice from professional racers, practice drills, and downloadable cheat sheets to help you remember the most important points.

And if you want one-on-one coaching, answers to specific questions, or lap reviews you can always book time with me later. Keeping those separate allows me to keep this price very low.

Is This For You?

This course is for racers, sim racers or racing fans who want to make sure they understand race car driving theory.

This course is not for people who have already attended advanced in-person racing schools or have obtained SCCA competition licenses. Though it may serve as a great refresher or explain concepts in a new way for you.

This course is also not intended for anyone who signed up for previous versions of the Keys to Speed online racing program.

Next Steps

Enroll and start learning today. Once you sign up you can start watching the lectures from any device or browser with Internet access.

Each video is short and usually under 5 minutes, and your progress is saved as you go along.

If you have any questions about enrolling, you can also contact me here.

Many of the topics you will learn can be applied immediately, and others will be things you practice over time.

The more seat time you put in, the better the results.

"This course is brilliant."

Mat B.

"This has made me much quicker, even the other racers have commented on my newfound pace...I would recommend this to anyone serious about getting better."

Derek M.

"My times have improved noticeably since focusing on your key points and for that I thank you."

Tony W.

"The techniques have shaved 5-8 seconds off of my lap times. Can't thank you enough!"

Peter S.

The Alternatives

What are some other ways to drive faster?

You could spend $5000 or more to attend racing school in person.

You could spend weeks or years piecing together a bunch of online content or YouTube videos. Some of them are pretty good, but it’s hard to know what you are still missing.

Or you can get started here today.

Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

The 2-Hour Racing School is priced especially low for the holidays.

So take advantage now, and I look forward to hearing how much faster you become.


Anthony Curtis

Founder, Keys to Speed
I use my background in engineering and physics to help racers like you drive faster. Keys to Speed and my other automotive sites have helped millions of fellow gearheads.