Drive Faster, Race Smarter

Everything you need to turn faster laps, delivered in a 2-hour online course.

Picture yourself racing on one of your favorite tracks in Forza Motorsport.

You're good, but you always lose time on certain sections, or you can't close the gap with the fastest racers.

What am I missing? Why are they faster?

You know the answers are buried in textbooks, and probably scattered online.

But what if these "speed secrets" were all in one place, explained in clear animations and video?

I'd like to introduce you to The 2-Hour Racing School.

This video-based course is for racers who want an edge—more knowledge, more speed, more wins.

You will learn timeless racing strategies explained in new ways you won't find anywhere else. These are things you must know for turning, braking, accelerating, shifting and more...

Start your journey toward mastery and faster lap times today. Because in the world of racing, knowledge is more than power: it's speed!

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Anthony Curtis. For the last 15 years, I've used my background in engineering and physics to help racers like you drive faster. I'm also a dedicated car enthusiast who has owned a range of sports cars, from modern classics like the S2000 and 370Z to the S197 Mustang.

Over the years, I ended up collecting and simplifying the best racing content to improve both my real and virtual driving.

I've shared these insights and techniques with thousands of drivers, seeing them shave seconds off their lap times.

Now, it's your turn to take your racing skills to the next level.

Before piloting this Ferrari in real life I knew the engine personality, shift points, and handling. The experience was much calmer and smoother as a result of simulator practice.
Here I am taking a few laps in a Ferrari. With the techniques you'll learn in this course, you'll also be able to handle high-performance vehicles with ease, whether on the track or in your favorite racing game. Are you ready to see how we do this?

Why This Approach is Different

The 2-Hour Racing School packs the knowledge of a multi-day racing school experience into a convenient, streamlined course.

Get 50+ racing tips delivered in bite-sized lessons, which you can apply in Forza Motorsport or your favorite racing game–or even real life!

The Keys to Speed makes timeless racing advice easier to understand. The videos are short so you can find the time to jump on for a quick lesson. No excuses! You will become faster.
Quickly move through interesting lectures that explain key ideas clearly. You get a complete overview of race car driving theory not found anywhere else.

This unique, condensed format lets you learn important racing techniques at your own pace, and easily rewatch any tips you want to focus on.

The 2-Hour Racing School helps you get the most from your practice. These lessons apply to Forza Motorsport, Horizon or any racing simulation you enjoy.
The 2-Hour Racing School will help you practice and drive faster in your favorite sim or real-life racing events.

What You'll Learn

The 2-Hour Racing School has 7 main parts. It covers the same techniques used by professional racers but explained in new and simpler ways:

  1. The Racer’s Mindset
  2. Understanding Corners
  3. Better Braking
  4. Shifting for Speed
  5. Getting Maximum Acceleration
  6. Passing Like a Pro
  7. Track Analysis

My personal favorite is the track analysis section because it brings so many parts together. It is extremely helpful when quickly jumping between races in Forza.

You also get the following bonus sections:

  • Course Cheat Sheet for quick review
  • The Physics of Racing video series
Access racing school material from your device and practice on your favorite racing game or simulator.
Imagine having a racing school in the palm of your hand. No more sifting through endless YouTube content. Instead, you can know that you have a complete overview in one place.

"This course is brilliant."

Mat B.

"This has made me much quicker, even the other racers have commented on my newfound pace...I would recommend this to anyone serious about getting better."

Derek M.

"My times have improved noticeably since focusing on your key points and for that I thank you."

Tony W.

"The techniques have shaved 5-8 seconds off of my lap times. Can't thank you enough!"

Peter S.

Unlock Your Potential

After signing up, you'll have full access to the complete video course and all extra materials and drills to hone your skills.

Your Guarantee

If you don't notice an improvement in your lap times after applying what you learn from this course, we'll give you a full refund.

Ready to Become a Better Racer?

Here's what you can expect after taking this course:

  • More confidence on every curve
  • Better car control
  • The ability to spot other drivers' mistakes
  • Faster times and ultimately more wins

Enroll and start learning today. Your journey towards speed and consistency starts with the button below.


Anthony Curtis

Founder, Keys to Speed
I use my background in engineering and physics to help racers like you drive faster. Keys to Speed and my other automotive sites have helped millions of fellow gearheads.