Settle the Suspension Before the Corner

Learn why it's important to take care of business before the corner starts.


Canaan Manley

Guest contributor and racer, Canaan Manley, shares some timeless racing lessons below.

When you approach a corner there is a lot to do:

  • Take note of your surroundings and braking markers
  • Move to the outside and
  • Get most of the braking done

But it’s not enough to get those done.

We need to make sure we do all of that work before we start cornering.

We want things to be settled and balanced as we turn.

Cornering is going to take a lot of traction.

Anything unnecessary, like last minute moves to the outside or heavy braking past turn-in points, will reduce cornering ability.

Canaan Manley

Canaan is a former novice and expert class motorcycle roadracer with WERA Motorcycle Roadracing and novice in SCCA Autocross. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has been a motorsports enthusiast for 35 years.

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