Never Coast in a Corner

A great example of how racing is different from street driving, and how to reduce lap times.


Canaan Manley

Guest contributor and racer, Canaan Manley, shares some timeless racing lessons below.

Most of racing is focusing on: (1) slowing down, or (2) speeding up. Notice I didn’t mention coasting in there? Coasting costs us precious time.

When driving on public roads we tend to cruise and do things more gradually. Not doing so is dangerous and makes us unpredictable to other drivers.

But when we get to the racetrack, we want to go “all out, all the time.”

We do things like brake so hard it feels like the seat belt is barely holding us in the car.

The point here is we always want to be applying some brake or throttle. It’s a simple idea that will save time all over the track, and something we talk about a lot in the Keys to Speed.


Canaan Manley

Canaan is a former novice and expert class motorcycle roadracer with WERA Motorcycle Roadracing and novice in SCCA Autocross. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has been a motorsports enthusiast for 35 years.

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