Become a Better Racer in Forza

Watch Racing School Lessons Online and Use Them in Forza Motorsport or Horizon.

Want to Win More Races?

No one likes to lose a race. Especially car people.

We are always looking for ways to be the quickest on the track.

Maybe you searched YouTube for racing tips, but wanted something more complete. Or you thought about racing school, but can't justify dropping thousands of dollars on it.

What if you could go through racing school for the price of an oil change?

What if the racing school came to you?

Introducing Keys to Speed

Keys to Speed is an online course that walks you through race car driving theory step-by-step and as quickly as possible.

It will help you become faster in any Forza title.

You won’t just be quicker than others–you’ll know why you are quicker.

This site has helped thousands of drivers since 2016, and I'm happy to announce Keys to Speed v2.0 is now available.

Detailed Racing Techniques Explained Clearly and Simply


Hi, my name is Anthony Curtis, and my automotive content has helped millions of fellow gearheads drive faster.

You may know me as the developer behind the Forza tuning app: ForzaTune.

About 10 years ago I started reviewing all of the textbooks and best material on race car driving theory and tuning.

And it fundamentally changed how I drive and look at a track.

I remember thinking there should be something between the random racing tips you find online, and the dense textbooks you get in a mechanical engineering program.

Keys to Speed is that sweet spot: a series of short videos, quizzes and drills that will make some complex ideas much easier to understand.

It's great for beginners who need to get an overview. And it's critical for experienced racers that need to break through plateaus.

I'm not going to ride copilot telling you to, "brake here" or "turn there" on one specific test track, on one specific RWD vehicle.

Instead, you will learn why.

Why steering, braking and accelerating need to happen at certain times.

And how to make the right choices for any track or car.


Practice Makes Perfect

Keys to Speed makes sure you have a complete understanding of basic and advanced techniques.

But there is no way around practice.

You need to be willing to put in the laps.

The only thing worse than not practicing enough is practicing the wrong techniques, and cementing bad habits. I've been there and done that...so many hours lost!

Keys to Speed will make sure that doesn't happen to you.

The 2-Hour Racing School helps you get the most from your practice. These lessons apply to Forza Motorsport, Horizon or any racing simulation you enjoy.

Lesson Highlights

You will learn the same racing concepts used by professionals racers, but in a more modern format. The material is split into 9 sections each building on the earlier ones.

The Keys to Speed makes timeless racing advice easier to understand. The videos are short so you can find the time to jump on for a quick lesson. No excuses! You will become faster.
The Keys to Speed makes timeless racing advice easier to understand. The videos are short so you can find the time to jump on for a quick lesson. No excuses! You will become faster.

In the example above, we are looking at a simple process you can follow to shrink your braking distance. This is one of 50+ bite-sized lessons that will make sure you get the full picture as quickly as possible.

These lessons are a mix of lectures, animations and racing footage not available anywhere else.

So let's talk about what you will take away from this experience...

Course Goals

1. Feel calmer and more confident when driving:

  • Sharpen your racing reflexes with a few simple changes
  • Know whether or not you are truly improving
  • Avoid common mistakes people make with practicing

2. Know how to get the most from your race car:

  • Steer more smoothly and deliberately
  • Brake harder without losing grip
  • Accelerate sooner out of a turn
  • Avoid bad habits when downshifting

3. Find the better line through any track quickly:

  • Break down and analyze the critical sections of the circuit
  • Understand why the typical apex is rarely the fastest
  • Spot tricky parts of a corner to build a better racing line
  • Know which race tracks will match your skill level

How Does It Work?

Access racing school material from your device and practice on your favorite racing game or simulator.
Access racing school material from your device and practice on your favorite racing game or simulator.

Watch these lessons on your computer, tablet or phone then practice what you learn on your favorite Forza title (PC or Xbox). Obviously, the results will be easier to track when running laps in Motorsport, or races in Horizon.

You can also apply these same lessons to any racing title you enjoy including Assetto Corsa, iRacing, rFactor 2, Project Cars, and/or Gran Turismo.

As for timing: the course is delivered over two weeks to keep you motivated. But you can complete and revisit each section at your own pace.

This approach allows you to absorb more than the "download" sessions at a typical racing school.

Bonus Material

Joining Keys to Speed also gives you access to:

  • The Physics of Racing video lectures to help you understand car control at a deeper level
  • Drills to help you practice and truly hone your skills
  • Quizzes to check your understanding of the material
  • Downloadable cheat sheets and resources you can refer to at any time

Enrollment Currently Open

With the release of the latest Forza Motorsport (2023), now is a great time to level up your driving.

Get access for only $50

The fine print: your results are guaranteed. If you complete the course without any improvements in lap times you get a refund. The only thing you have to lose is time on your laps. 

A Word from K2S Students

"This has made me much quicker, even the other racers have commented on my newfound pace...I would recommend this to anyone serious about getting better."

Derek M.

"This course is brilliant."

Mat B.

"My times have improved noticeably since focusing on your key points and for that I thank you."

Tony W.

"The techniques have shaved 5-8 seconds off of my lap times. Can't thank you enough!"

Peter S.

Become the Racer You Always Wanted to Be

I remember the frustration of being slower than others and not knowing why. And I have seen how difficult and expensive it is to get a complete picture of race car driving.

It took me years to collect, simplify and test this content. This is your chance to shortcut that process, and become quicker sooner.

Hit that red button below and I'll see you on the other side.


Anthony Curtis

Founder, Keys to Speed
I use my background in engineering and physics to help racers like you drive faster. Keys to Speed and my other automotive sites have helped millions of fellow gearheads.