Below you'll find common questions. But do not hesitate to send a message if yours is not listed.

You will need an internet-connect device and a racing game that has reasonably realistic physics.

Examples include iRacing, RFactor, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport. 

A more immersive racing "rig" will go a long way to helping you develop the necessary muscle memory.

There is no need to go crazy here though. Even an affordable option from Logitech can do wonders for the experience.

You can still use a gamepad or controller to practice some of the higher-level concepts like racing line development, mental strategies and more.

Another option is to run through the course material once. Then if you are serious about improving, invest in a setup.

At that point you can go through the course again completing the drills and practicing as needed.

You have a lot of flexibility here.

All one-time purchase options provide at least one year to complete the program and access video lectures.

But people are free to continue accessing them beyond that point if that version of the program is still in session.

All lectures are tailored towards road or circuit races on paved surfaces.

Many of the concepts can apply to other styles of racing, but we focus on ideas commonly found in formula and sports car racing.