Traditional racing school material for the price of an oil change.

Online Racing School

Keys to Speed uses an online video course to explain professional race car driving techniques.

You then hone your skills using your racing simulator of choice.

Learning racing theory has never been this easy and affordable.

What You Will Learn

Keys to Speed focuses on the science behind driving faster. 

You will get a complete explanation of race car driving fundamentals in just two weeks. No blackboards or textbooks.

It took years of research and feedback to make this site and its online lectures. You won’t find anything quite like it.

How You Will Practice

Even excellent training material is useless without practice.

That’s where the racing simulators come in.

You will practice what you learn in your favorite series. That could be anything reasonably realistic including RFactor, iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport.

Of course you are always welcome to practice on a closed road course, karting circuit or even RC tracks.

The beauty of Keys to Speed is the lessons apply to a wide range of automotive racing.

Your Instructor

That would be me, Anthony. And this site is everything I was hoping to learn 20 years earlier.

I wanted to pull together and simplify everything in the field of race car driving theory. This took serious effort and time.

Keys to Speed doesn’t just explain how to drive faster–you will understand “why” you are driving faster.

All in simple terms.

I’ve seen how this information can help racers of all experience levels, and I’d like to help you on your journey too.

Start Your Engines!

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These will be emails you actually want to read!

From there I can give you more information on the full online course and let you know when new free lessons are posted. Or if you're ready to jump in to the full course now go here.

I look forward to hearing how much faster you become.


Anthony Curtis

Founder, Keys to Speed
I use my background in engineering and physics to help racers like you drive faster. Keys to Speed and my other automotive sites have helped millions of fellow gearheads.

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